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Disclaimer: Ever so sorry boys…never happened.
Series: Preordained
Paring: Sean A./Elijah
Summary: AU: Some things are just meant to happen while others are simply ripples off of one small mistake that change us forever. (Read AU Description, and also AN; behind cut)
AU Description: Same as before. (Refer to the “Prologue’s” AN for information mentioned previously.)
Rating: R (over-all) Chapter Twenty-Seven: NC-17
AN: Dropped the ball, big time. ~10,000 words over 5 years. Not okay. I'm sorry. White Lotus was the name of a club in Hollywood, taking poetic license with interior and logistics. :D
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Salvation in the Desert

The White Lotus was the perfect little chic nightclub for the premier after party, located only a couple short blocks away from the screening venue. Stretched out as far as the cramp space allotted was a faceless sea of surging bodies meshing into one faded kaleidoscoped blur. Everyone was cast into pseudo-darkness, only illuminated by the soft glow of blue neon light fixtures lining the low ceiling of the VIP lounge. Thick plumes of cigarette smoke, spilling from hundreds of supple lips, caught the light to cast mangled shadows upon the guests. Permeating throughout the room was a mixture of cigarette smoke, sweat, alcohol and the expensive combination of cologne and Chanel No. 5. A steady undercurrent of heavy music pulsed throughout the nightclub. The volume of the music had been turned down low enough to encourage mingling between the stars and their guests but still managed to maintain the intense energy from fading away. It kept everyone’s blood boiling and pulse racing with endorphins and adrenaline—a powerful aphrodisiac in and of itself.

It was this thickly thrumming beat that started to chip away at Elijah’s short attention span. The pitch of the music sent the young man’s knee bouncing anxiously while his right hand flicked the ash off the tip of his cigarette into a half filled ashtray balanced precariously on his right knee. On edge, he sat on one of the overstuffed pale blue suede couches set up along the back wall of the nightclub. He had been waiting restlessly for Sean to finish working the room and come rescue him from his slinky redheaded ‘companion’ for almost an hour now.

The young woman had cornered Elijah an hour or so after his arrival at the party with an intriguing offer to buy him one of the more expensive drinks the supposedly ‘open bar’ refused to cover for the after party. On the surface she had appeared to be genuinely sweet and rather wholesome for being a permanent resident of Hollywood so he accepted the offer with an authentic smile to match. He was certain after a few moments alone with her that there was no sexual overtone or pretense hidden in her expression. Ever the gentleman, he told her that he would only agree to her offer if she would allow him to buy her the same drink. Wrong move, definitely the wrong move; she had immediately plastered herself to his side like some odd parasite or leech all dolled up in a black cocktail dress and messy updo. At the moment, after completing the insanely hard task of scaring away both Billy and Dominic, she was busy talking his ear off. And, thanks to his misguided sense of propriety, he could not simply walk away from the conversation or even get a word in edgewise to politely excuse himself.

“Anyways,” she began, taking a deep breath after a short rant about her oldest brother’s ‘asshole’ of a gymbunny boyfriend. Elijah’s mouth opened, not even giving a second thought to the cigarette dangling from his mouth; ready to pounce on the opening created by her need to breathe. He almost squeaked out a faint, “Nicole,” but she was already steamrolling him again. “This afternoon I had the hardest time trying to decide what I was going to wear tonight. Red or black? But you know I think I totes made the right choice, red might have kinda clashed with my hair,” speaking a mile a minute and accompanied by hand gestures in sync with the franticly frivolous tone of her voice. It was almost like watching a one-woman performance piece reminiscent of long brittle nails on a chalkboard. But after an hour of the repetitive show it was all that Elijah could do to keep the attentive half smile stuck on his face, staring at a constellation of freckles that were smattered across her forehead in order to keep up the ruse of maintaining eye contact and looking interested. He began to tune out everything she was saying about her fashion conundrum, at least with her brother’s boyfriend he could somewhat relate and thus gave him a slight incentive to listen. Elijah could almost feel the telltale glaze slowly glossing over his blue eyes.

Distractedly taking a drink from the fresh champagne flute he held, Elijah allowed his eyes to wonder across the huge expanse of people occupying the nightclub, all here to celebrate Sean’s masterpiece of a film. A true smile tugged at the corners of his lips as his mind lingered on that thought, understanding the satisfaction of completion and knowing he had been a part of it. Conscious completely clear, knowing Nicole would not be offended if he glanced away for a moment because she was merely talking about her struggle with clothing choices and not looking for sympathy for her brother, he scanned the many faces for a glimpse of his friends.

Of course the two wily little scamps, Billy and Dom, were hitting up the open bar and getting completely smashed doing Jägerbombs. Rolling his eyes, Elijah caught a sheepish looking Orlando slipping out the club’s backdoor. Dammit, where was Sean? In the limousine, just before arriving at the club, Sean told Elijah that he wanted to circulate the room to get everyone’s real reaction, as if the actual applause in the movie theater itself had not been enough validation. But Elijah knew his writer was looking for more than just vague approval so he merely nodded and gave Sean a quite kiss. Elijah had then grinned mischievously, saying something about spending his time meeting his various adoring fans and maybe even getting a better offer for the evening. Sean had rolled his eyes with a smile and kissed him gently on the mouth. Since their arrival nearly three hours ago Elijah had not seen a single hint of Sean anywhere.

However, as soon as he heard Nicole change topics once again he found his eyes coming back to focus on her spray-tanned face. He was not exactly sure what she was talking about so he simply focused the intriguing ebb and flow of her constantly moving glossy mouth. The faint lines in the foundation she had applied earlier in the evening were beginning to cake and define themselves as she continued to talk and talk and talk. Lulled into a stupor by the motion of her hypnotic, stained lips he almost failed to hear her mention Sean’s name. As if physically shaken awake, his eyes snapped back to actually be level with hers.

“Excuse me?” Elijah asked leaning in closer with his brows drawn, actually venturing to cut her off before she could plow on ahead with what she was babbling about. Snubbing out the end of his cigarette with a deliberate twist of his wrist and placing the ashtray on the cushion behind him, Elijah angled his entire body toward Nicole’s. He clutched the champagne flute in both hands now, the base placed gingerly on his thigh as he turned all his attention towards her.

“I was just saying that I totes, like, loved all of the scenes between you and that Sean Astin guy,” she repeated with a huge grin splitting her face. “Those had to be my favorite parts of the film,” there was a telltale twinkle in her dark eyes as the obvious gears and wheels in her head began to spin, conjuring up the silver screen image of Sean and Elijah in her own mind. “You two guys have awesome chemistry,” Elijah began to feel a soft heat rising up the back of his neck, creeping onto his cheeks with a faint pink glow of blush. “It was, like, really genuine stuff,” she shrugged her shoulders before adding, “you really don’t see it much anymore in movies.” Only taking a moment for dramatic propriety she continued with another odd glint sparking up in her eyes. Excited beyond belief her hand shot out, covering Elijah’s wrist. “Oh, and that last scene.” A tan hand covered her heart as her eyes rolled back into her head. “Your eyes, oh,” she sighed and Elijah had the strongest urge to pull his hand out of her grip and hide. While many people did compliment on both his visual aesthetics and his acting ability, no one, at least a total stranger, had really fawned all over him like Nicole was at the moment. Her grip became increasingly tighter and a slight trapped feeling was bubbling up in the pit of Elijah’s stomach. He was ready to bolt at any moment. “Elijah you nearly killed me with that look. I was totally floored.” Something in her eyes changed and she released his hands, her smile turning sincere. “And I’m not just saying, seriously.” He could see the authenticity of her gushing praise and felt a swell of pride. He had only had the chance to speak to a few people about his role after the screening before Nicole had captured him. They all had said wonderful things, all amazed by his poignant performance; even a few mentioned something about possible nominations. That comment had nearly sent Elijah over the moon.

“Thank you,” he replied slowly with a modest smile, reaching over to pat her hand gently. In the same tender motion he was able to tactfully shift onto the edge of his seat cushion, waiting for a moment to escape. Careful to not upset the delicate balance of her emotions, Elijah started to gradually extract himself from her grip while continuing with his guile smile.

He saw an out.

“Speaking of which,” he said brightly as if the thought had just occurred to him. “I really do need to track Sean down.” Elijah glanced around the wide expanse of the club again, searching for any glimpse of the other man and finding none. He squinted, placing a fingertip to the corner of his eye and readjusting the contact lens. The tan hand’s grip on his wrist slackened as Elijah blinked a few times after the contact shifted back into its rightful place, clearer than before. Unfortunately, he still was unable to locate Sean amongst all the moving bodies. “Would you kindly excuse me?” He asked politely, standing and turning toward Nicole.

“Sure,” she said with a surprisingly serene smile and suddenly languid movements of her tanned limbs. A wide smile pulled at her taught skin, flaking a small section of her layered makeup and wrinkling the foundation around her painted mouth. “It was so nice talking to you.” She waved goodbye, oversized bejeweled bracelets clattering together as they fell down her bony forearm to pool at her elbow.

“Nice meeting you.” Elijah responded with a small wave and decided to head straight for the centrally located bar in order to survey the room from a different perspective, and perhaps pick up another drink. “Later.” He nodded to her before turning toward the mass of people. With a short determined breath, he stepped into the twisting groups of cast, crew, critic and press members all gradually becoming more and more intoxicated with every tick of the clock. As he began make his way through the throng, bumping into a few familiar faces and receiving a few hearty slaps on the back coupled with words of congratulations, Elijah was pleased to hear all the positive chatter being exchanged about the film. Just as he was about to make it to the glorified oasis that was the nightclub’s open bar, he found himself face to face with a drunken Dominic, flanked by an equally, if not more so, inebriated Billy.

“Ahh, yes, just the bloke I was looking for!” A large hand clapped down on Elijah’s shoulder and shook him back and forth with fervor, jostling him around until he was dizzy and disoriented. With the unexpected manhandling caught him off guard and Elijah found it near impossible to focus on the details of Dom’s face in the dim light and neon blue aura that seemed to radiate from his head. “Wasn’t I just saying,” Dom asked in a surprisingly loud voice as he turned his entire body toward Billy, dragging Elijah closer to them in the same movement. Everyone else was too engrossed in their discussion or schmoozing that they paid no attention to the antics of the duo, quickly expanding into a mischievous trio. Pressed unnecessarily close to the two drunks, Elijah could only smile having missed the playfulness of his friends.

“He was!” Billy informed Elijah with a conspirator’s whisper that was full of genuine shock at the apparent coincidence. “You were,” he said, reeling back to assure Dom that his deduction was indeed correct. “We’ve been waiting for you to come up for air.” He wavered on his feet, leaning in once again to place a gentle hand on Elijah’s shoulder. Billy pulled him in close while using the firm weight of Elijah’s stature to assist his unsteady frame in an attempt to regain his balance. “Thought the cougar had eaten you alive.” His eyes were wide and full of terror but his mouth an overstated grin that flirted dangerously with burgeoning on the manic side. Billy pointed over to the dark corner where Nicole now sat talking off the ear of a poor key grip. “Thought we’d lost ya!” Billy near yelled as he visually cringed before pulling Elijah into a tight embrace.

“You two had enough to drink?” Elijah asked with a smirk before a high-pitched giggle slipping through his lips.

“Not nearly,” Dom responded with a grin, puffing his chest out and hitting his stomach with the flat of his hand. Glancing behind him, he nodded to the bartender to pour the ingredients for another Jägerbomb. “Definitely not enough, not with the glory that is an open bar, Lij.” He winked and glanced over at Billy to see his boyfriend still swaying ever so slightly.

“I’m well on my way,” Billy conceded with a pleasantly smashed smile, arm hooked casually around Elijah’s neck.

“You did a great job, seriously Lij,” Dom said, suddenly sobering. A small smile started at the corners of his mouth and expanded across his face, eyes unfocused no doubt replaying choice scenes from the film. The drink Dom ordered was plopped down on the bar behind him. “Oh!” He snapped out of his revere, eyes searching the crowd before settling back on the duo standing before him. Before he was able to continue he turned and dropped the shot glass into the larger glass of Red Bull and downed it. Billy’s eyes seemed to glaze over as he watched a few wayward drops escape Dom’s mouth before slipping down his throat. Billy’s arm slid from around Elijah’s slumped shoulders as he managed to finally steady himself. “Billy.” Dom gasped taking a deep breath, pressing his hand against Billy’s chest, fingers splayed wide over his heart. The blunt fingernails curled into the expensive fabric of Billy’s suit coat as he pulled Billy against his side. “Bill,” he cooed softly into the other man’s ear. “Bill,” he said again as Billy’s eyes slide shut. “Can you give me the,” he stumbled over the word, fumbling his fingers across Billy’s chest as he searched for both the item and the word. Though Elijah was sure it was not to be found in the inner pocket of Billy’s coat or under the metal clasp of his belt buckle, at least the word, that is. “The, uh, you know,” he tried once again to explain; pulling away in order to search his boyfriend’s pants pockets.

“What?” Billy was completely lost but seemed at ease with the situation, all was okay as long as Dominic’s hand were flitting about his body. He idled easily next to the frantic Dom. One of the hands slipped into his left pants pocket and must have found something because Billy’s eyes snapped open as his hands flew to lock onto Dom’s wrist. “But I though that we-”

“I bought it for Lij,” Dom said defiantly through gritted teeth, prying Billy’s surprisingly strong grasp from around his wrist. “We have plenty.” Elijah was beginning to get anxious, wondering what exactly was going on and why he was somehow involved in this particular hijinx. “Don’t fear, there isn’t a shortage or anything.” Dom reassured Billy with a calm even tone, curbed by the undercurrent of chiding that Billy was sure to miss in his current state.

“But Dom,” Billy pleaded softly and was met with a disappointed glare from his boyfriend. Reluctantly, Billy allowed Dominic to take the item and began to sulk. Bottom lip protruding, shoulder slumped and wholly deflated, Billy looked dejectedly around the club after surrendering the object. Dom rolled his eyes as he looked over at Elijah, heaving an exasperated sigh.

“Go get us some more drinks if you’re just going to pout,” he suggested, motioning back toward the bar. Billy turned and went back to look over the specialty drinks menu again. Dom turned back to Elijah, eyes lit with a brilliant mischief in a way that Elijah had not seen in a long time. His stomach began to churn uneasily. “I have a ickle something for yah,” he sing-songed, twirling around in a small circle. He held up the item, brandishing it close to Elijah’s face. It was a full tube of rather expensive lube. Elijah’s felt his mouth fall open and his blood starting rush up his neck to flush his face a bright pink. “So everything goes accordingly.” He winked, or attempted to but only managed to half close one eye while the other flitted erratically, and nudged Elijah in the ribs.

For a full agonizing thirty seconds, Elijah could do nothing but stare at the object in disbelief.

“Dominic!” Elijah snapped, his cheeks burning, the sudden temperature of the room skyrocketing as his ex-boyfriend pressed the tube into his hands.

“Wha?” A wicked grin danced on Dom’s lips, eyes looking affronted by Elijah’s prudish response. “It’s a very practical gift, especially considering w-” Elijah quickly clamped his hands over Dominic’s mouth, his blue eyes wide as the flush seemed to grow an impossibly deeper shade.

“Wha—did, how did…?”

“Who do you think Sean talked to during your little trip of self exploration in far, far away Prague?” Dominic’s face was alight with unknown knowledge and mysterious familiarity, a decidedly rather frightening sight to be embodied. A rush of images began to fill Elijah’s head, running through all the possible stories and scandalous tales that Sean may have confided in Dom. Buried beneath the pang of vulnerability was the beginning seed of irrational guilt that Elijah quickly squashed before it was able to blossom into a fully formed emotion. “C’mon man, lighten up, you’re getting laid tonight,” Dom laughed, thudding his hand against Elijah’s back. A deep thud rumbled through his chest as he glared up at Dom feeling exposed and unsure.

“Shut up,” he replied with an ironic grin before hastily stuffing the tube into his pants pocket.


It was about a good twenty minutes before Elijah saw a flash of Sean’s smile fluttering amongst the crowd. The writer stood in a tight knit circle of familiar faces mingled with several enraptured countenances of notable critics and other important members of the Hollywood press community. Faltering for a moment, he began to consider the sheer weight of the possible conversation the group could be engaged in. Elijah paused, glancing over at the oblivious couple beside him. They would be no help. Shaking his head to sober up, Elijah took one last deep breath before taking the plunge. He started weaving through the mass of people, never loosing sight of his ultimate goal, regardless of the fact his goal was merely the back of a tailored tux. Once again, several people blocked his passage with complements and one-armed hugs. He thanked them all but quickly excused himself before pressing on through the group, narrowly avoiding a boney elbow to the face and stomach from a few more enthusiastic patrons. Just as he was about to breach the last wall of people, Elijah made eye contact with Victoria. She parted from the group for a moment and maneuvered closer to where Elijah stood attempting to squeeze through a small gap of people engaged in their own intense discussion.

“Hello Elijah,” Victoria greeted him, holding her hand out as she noticed Elijah’s small frame struggling to navigate the through the overpowering crowd.

“Thanks, Victoria,” he gave her an exasperated smile and quickly took her hand.

“Come on, join us!” She pulled him through the gap with a gentle nudge and led him back to the group.

“Look who I found,” Victoria made room for Elijah’s thin frame, between herself and Sean, and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. She squeezed his shoulders and pulled him close, placing a kiss to his cheek with a smile. “You were flawless,” she whispered as she leaned in to wipe away the ghosting of lips stick that had rubbed off on the young man’s cheek. Elijah giggled and returned the affectionate gesture with a warm arm wrapped around her waist.

“Good evening,” Elijah said graciously, greeting the other members of the group with an open smile and wide blue eyes. Looking around the circle, he politely made brief eye contact with each person, before settling his gaze on the writer standing beside him. His smile softened. The chaos behind him seemed to fade away until it was muted entirely, completely eclipsed by the calm of existing so close to the eye of the frenetic media storm erupting all around Sean.

“Lijah,” Sean said quietly with a matching smile.

“You did a simply wonderful job, young man,” an elderly gentleman dressed in a tidy black suit with gold cufflinks told him. There was no smile or jovial tone in his voice. The gentleman, a longtime critic who Elijah now recognized to be rather famous even in households across the country, extended his hand. Elijah quickly pulled away from Victoria to shake it, devoting his entire attention to the gentleman. “I have not seen one like it in a long time.” The man placed his other hand on top of Elijah’s, looking down at him with a sage expression. “Truly captivating.”

“Thank you very much,” Elijah replied completely taken in by the gentleman’s words and the clout he held within the entertainment community. It felt as if everything was somehow falling into place, ever so delicately coming together in a timeless order. He was unable to focus on the rest of the groups discussion until he became hyper aware of the warmth and cologne radiating from the body beside him. Temporarily derailed, Elijah remembered his initial reason for seeking out his writer. He leaned closer to the older man when he noticed Sean’s voice beginning to weave in and out of the conversation as he became increasingly distracted. “Sean?” Sean understood immediately.

“One moment,” he quietly excused himself and Elijah from the conversation for a moment. A hand placed against Elijah’s elbow, Sean quietly moved them away from the group to a relatively vacant expanse of the lounge. “Yeah, Lij?” He asked, eyes alight, entirely energized by the pulsing of the room. Elijah could see his writer was riding high on sheer adrenaline and champagne.

“You’ve got a promise to keep.” Sean turned back to look over his shoulder at the ring of Focus Feature executives, highly respected film critics and his producers. With a tip of his flute of champagne he drained the rest of his drink. He looked back at Elijah with a wide smile.


If it had not been for Edina Minachekhov, Elijah was sure he and Sean would be putting on quite a show for the voyeur of a night guard manning the apartment building’s security monitors. Elijah figured the only thing that could have possibly made the situation even more painfully awkward was if his seventy-two year old neighbor had actually not attempted to make inane small talk with him and his ‘good friend.’ Somewhere in the back of his mind, Elijah could picture himself, Sean and Mrs. Minachekhov standing wordlessly in the large elevator, patiently waiting to get off while no one said a single word. He could almost hear the screeching of metal against metal as they crawled slowly upwards. The silence between the two men would have probably been close to deafening with indescribable amounts of pent-up tension. Luckily, it seemed that Edina was completely oblivious to the palpable charge igniting between the two men each time the other so much as breathed loud enough to be heard, let alone utter full syllables. Though, Elijah could tell Sean had mildly shut down as soon as Edina called for them to hold the elevator. It was almost a relief when she turned to Elijah and struck up the usual neighborly banal chitchat to fill the void. Out of the corner of his eye, Elijah watched Sean’s shoulder sag as he released a deep breath.

“When did you get back?” Edina’s watery green eyes were wide and expectant as she took a half step closer to the young man.

“This afternoon.” Elijah answered simply, glancing down at the little hunched woman clutching her oversized Coach bag close to her chest. He was glad to only be pleasantly buzzed rather than drunk off the expensive champagne, making the interaction tolerable, agreeable even. With a small smile, Elijah watched hesitantly as the old gears started tumbling to life in her head.

“Oh.” She looked over her shoulder pointedly at Sean, raising a heavily penciled eyebrow. Glancing down, she noticed the luggage piled around Sean’s feet and slung over one shoulder. When she turned back to Elijah the most scandalized, accusatory sneer was wrinkling her face. Those thickly penciled, over plucked eyebrows were high up her forehead, venturing dangerously close to her hairline as she looked down her nose at the young man. “Already back gallivanting around town, I see.” One hand plunged into her large bag and pulled out a tissue she pressed to her nose as if something had begun to smell foul within the confines of the elevator.

Perhaps silence would have been the lesser of two evils.

“Yup,” Elijah replied, smiling in concession. “The curse of youth,” he mumbled under his breath with a sidelong glance to Sean. After several years of encountering Mrs. Minachekhov, he had learned it was easier to simply allow her to believe what she had already concluded to be the truth. It was a waste of time, energy and breath trying to challenge her preconceived notions.

“Actually,” Sean began brightly, his voice immediately drawing Edina’s sharp gaze away from piercing into Elijah. “We just came from a premier do-” A piece of luggage shifted and hit Sean in the shins. Confused, he glanced over the old woman’s bent figure to see Elijah shaking his head and rolling his eyes—explaining with the gesture that it was not worth it.

“I see,” she responded in a clipped tone, still staring down Sean. Just as Edina was on the cusp of continuing her thought the merciful reverberation of the elevator chime sounded. The large metal doors slid open and she carefully negotiated her way out of the elevator. Patiently, she turned to wait for Elijah and Sean to roll out the younger man’s luggage. She started off down the hallway, silently walking along side them until pausing for a moment once they reached Elijah’s apartment door.

“Nice talking to you boys,” she finally spoke with a waspish, tight-lipped smile and inclination of her head, all to maintain her semblance of propriety. They quietly returned the sentiment and she continued down the corridor alone. Elijah fumbled for his keys buried deep in the messenger bag Sean had offered to carry up for him. Mrs. Minachekhov stopped in front of her own apartment and turned to look at the couple with a pinched face. They were standing very close, Elijah with his arm elbow deep in the bag hanging dangerously close to the hollow of Sean’s hip. “Be careful.” It was unclear from her expression who exactly the warning was intended for, but each man simple stared blankly as she slinked away into her apartment.

Undaunted, Elijah successfully unearthed his keys and managed to unlock the deadbolt but was struggling to force his way through the damaged door and into the apartment. As soon as the thud of Mrs. Minachekhov’s door, followed by the slick click of a lock, filled the hallway, Sean glanced down the opposite way. The entire floor was empty, not a surprise given the hour, the other tenants were either in for the night or still out ‘socializing.’ Emboldened by the quiet privacy and familiarity, Sean took one quick step and spun Elijah around. Warm hands dragged through the soft strands of dark hair as Sean roughly shoved him against the door, a hot and desperate mouth covering shocked curved lips. Momentum increased by the heavy bag slung over Sean’s shoulder and Elijah was practically slammed up against his front door.

It still remained dented shut.

Pale, tapered fingers gripped Sean’s shoulders tight, wrinkling and pulling the expensive fabric while he dragged him impossibly closer. Lips parted easily and a small whimper passed from one man to the other as Elijah rolled his pliant hips into Sean. He shifted against the achingly familiar warmth, matching himself up with the unusual feeling of jutting hipbones that mirrored his own lithe form. For a moment, Elijah hesitated and a hiccup of guilty sadness laced the smooth touch, eking in to taint the soft caress of lips. Hard bones cover by thin skin collided with his own, the undeniable evidence of the toll his absence had taken on Sean and his downward spiral of health. The frenzied wanting slipped below the surface to simmer, just under the languid movements of long savored passion.

“Elijah,” he breathed the name against flushed lips, trying to draw the young man outside of his own head. Sean traced the pad of his thumb along the delicate curve of Elijah’s ear, caressing the soft cartilage. The need to comfort overrode all thought and dominated his senses, ramping up his desire for the writer.

Elijah pushed tighter against Sean, twining his arms slowly around Sean’s neck and tipping his head to deepen the kiss. He lifted a bent leg as if to hitch up around the other man’s waist. Before it reached the would-be intended perch, he dropped it back quickly and banged his foot against the door. It shuddered and finally gave way, sending the two stumbling backwards into the apartment. Sean frantically maneuvered on suddenly unsteady legs with Elijah’s arms still securely wrapped around his neck, maintaining the connection between their lips all the while. As the door rebounded off the wall, closing behind them, a few laughs escaped between the frantic kisses.

“A-are you ever gonna—” One of the light kisses landed off center, pressed to the corner of Elijah’s flushed lips as Sean spoke around his wide grin. His hands were firmly molded to the smooth curve of the small of the young man’s back, keeping him balanced as they continued to stagger down the short front hallway. The straight tip of Elijah’s nose nudged against Sean’s cheek as he began licking at the writer’s lips. He was rewarded with a hum of approval and a wicked smile. “Gonna get that damn door fixed?” They nearly knocked over an alphabetically stacked pile of DVD cases until Elijah hastily veered to the right, back flat against the wall—a good couple feet before the open doorway to his bedroom.

“I think,” Elijah said as he tipped his chin up, exposing his neck while Sean began to press fluttering kisses along the strained tendons. Hot little puffs of shallow breath were pouring from Elijah’s lips. It was so familiar and yet a wholly new sensation in the surrender of himself over to this modern man. “I think it gives the place—” The crisp collar was hastily fingered open, the silken fabric of his black tie yanked loose before being stripped from around his throat. “Character,” he gasped deep in the back of his throat when he felt the scrap of teeth, banging the crown of his head back against the wall. “Panache.” The word rolled around in Elijah’s mouth before he pushed it from between his lips with a playful laugh.

“Mmmmh,” the surprised hum sent little prickly waves buzzing throughout Elijah mouth as Sean pulled away anxiously. “Your bags.” He was the picture of concern, nearly tripping over himself as he rushed back toward the front door.

“Sean,” Elijah called with a breathy laugh, loosely grabbing Sean’s sleeve so the other man could easily escape. Back curved, shoulders rolled, and shirt hanging half open off his thin frame, Elijah slumped against the cold wall and watched Sean retrieve the abandoned luggage from the hallway. “Sean.” He said quietly with a small smile, causing Sean to glance up from organizing the luggage into piles. Sean straightened his back and closed the door, twisting the deadbolt, his eyes never leaving Elijah’s. “I missed you.” The skin at the corners of Sean’s eyes crinkled as he smiled. A warm hand reached out and pressed against the center of Sean’s chest. He felt the hot skin beneath the cool fabric, heating up the stiff cotton until he could not longer tell which was warmer.

“Everything’s going to change, Lij.” His fingertips dipped into the hollows of his tinted cheeks, sloping down to outline the hard edge of his defined jaw, sharper than he remembered.

“Shhh.” He pressed his forehead against Sean’s. Eyes open, staring directly into Sean’s, Elijah held his gaze unflinchingly. “I want you here and now,” his voice was soft but commanding. Sean pulled back, feigning surprise.

“I don’t think I remember you being so direct,” he said furrowing his brow and grinning. He had missed the easy teasing, casual, lighthearted and brimming with undeniable affection. Elijah slipped his hands beneath the lapels of the dinner jacket, following along the defined line of Sean’s collarbone until reaching the ridge of his shoulders. With a single fluid motion, the expensive fabric slid off Sean’s shoulders, down his arms before pooling on the floor at his feet.

“Sexual frustration and champagne,” Elijah answered with the obvious causes of his seemingly forward behavior. “And you know what I meant.” He searched Sean’s eyes for easily found understanding. It was right on the surface, no thoughts of the future spanning out vastly ahead of them or the past closing in from behind. Finally, they were both fully present in this moment. For what felt like the first time, Sean was totally invested in everything happening now, right now.

Elijah slid along the wall until the open doorway framed his back. He pulled Sean with him, slowly maneuvering his way back into his bedroom as they both toed off their dress shoes. Silently, Sean began to tug at the sleeves of Elijah’s jacket until the younger man was free of it completely, tossed over a shoulder to be forgotten about until the next morning. Next the unbuttoned dress shirt came fluttering off his shoulders to be trampled by two pairs of feet. They slowly reached the end of the large bed and suddenly Elijah tipped back, throwing his arms around Sean’s neck to drag the other man down with him. The thick, white duvet puffed around them as they sunk into the soft mattress. Sean’s fingers began fumbling with the small buttons of Elijah’s dress slacks before brushing against a hard length.

“Wow,” Sean breathed with an airy laugh against the flushed skin of Elijah’s throat as he pulled out the brand new tube of lube from Elijah’s pocket. “You came prepared,” he sat back on Elijah’s thighs, examining the lube while the younger man lay paralyzed beneath him—the very picture of petrified embarrassment. All the color quickly drained from his face until his skin practically matched the duvet. “When did you have time to buy this?” A crooked smile twisted up one corner of Sean’s mouth. He flipped open the plastic cap with the pad of his thumb, squeezing a bit of the lube between his fingers in order to test the consistency.

“Oh god,” Elijah snapped back to life, making a grab for the tube; a bright pink tinge high on his cheeks coming back, increasing in intensity as it had at the White Lotus when he was originally presented with the item. Fingers splayed against his chest, Sean gently pushed the frantic Elijah back into the soft comforter, calmly holding him in place. Slowly his breathing began to even out as he succumbed to the warmth of Sean’s hand against his bare skin. It was an all too familiar sensation, one that was far too intoxicating, more so than any flute of expensive champagne. As he spoke, Elijah covered his face with his hands. “Dom gave it to me at the after party.” His voice was quiet and quick, spilling the words in rapid succession; it was like ripping off an old band-aid. He refused to look at Sean even after he had finished speaking.

“I’m not quite sure how to take that…gesture…” Puzzled, Sean turned the lube over and over in his hands.

“Well, you’re the one who apparently told him about…” Elijah snapped back before trailing off. He moved his hands away from face but kept his gaze fixed on the tube; apparently fascinated by the flip off cap which Sean was continually flicking open and then snapping shut. “You know,” he mumbled, “when we almost…but didn’t…” His blue eyes flicked up to steal a glance of Sean’s reaction.

“Lijah, listen, it was a late night. Dom and I had been in the editing suite for—”

“I understand.” Elijah pressed his fingers against Sean’s lips. There was an odd sadness that glimmered just beneath the clear blue. It has been so long, the time and space separating them. But the sadness was gone as quickly as it appeared, replaced by a sudden sheen of playful coyness. “Plus, I think he’s just very pro-sex?” He shrugs with an awkward smile, almost apologizing for Dom’s forwardness. “You know, as a rule of thumb.” Sean could tell how anxious Elijah was by the way he kept babbling in that most endearing, self-conscious way possible. “In life.” The younger man continued, his smile slowly morphing into a lopsided grin. He took the lube from Sean’s loose grip and placed it on the pillow above his head. “In general.”

“I’ll take that answer,” Sean responded, his hands sinking into duvet just above Elijah’s shoulders as he leaned down to press a soft kiss against Elijah’s lips.

Several slow, indulgent kisses later and Elijah’s busy hands had managed to strip away all the layers of Sean’s tuxedo, leaving only pants caught between them. He placed a hand against Sean’s chest, fingertips dipping into the hollow of his clavicles. They had never been so defined. A nameless anxiety was welling up inside him as he moved his hand down the length of Sean’s torso. He could feel the ridges of ribs and when his thumb hit the sharp jut of a hipbone he broke the kiss. Sean stared down at him, brow furrowed.

“Sean,” Elijah sighed, staring at his lover’s body. He ran his hands up Sean’s chest, pressing his thumb into the hollow of his throat before feeling the taut skin along his sternum and back down to his hips. Elijah looked up with something close to guilt dimming the light in his eyes. He looked as if he was about to say something when Sean kissed him silent. The older man pulled the pale hands away from his narrow hipbones, redirecting them to his shoulders while murmuring, “I missed you” over and over again. The dark disquiet broke within him and he gripped Sean’s face between his hands, covering his face and shoulders with frantic kisses.

Sean’s hands started to shake as soon as he had Elijah naked, half hard and stretched out before him.

“I feel like an idiot,” he suddenly blurted out as he pulled away from the younger man. Elijah could hear the self-deprecating humor bubbling to the surface. It was Sean’s attempt to be glib, to not give away how terrifyingly important this moment really was for him. For both of them. The older man clasped his hands together as he looked up at the lube waiting on the pillow. It looked innocent enough, just a clean white and blue tube. He reached for it before settling back onto his thighs, perched between the tantalizing V of Elijah’s bare legs. “I even Googled how to do this and may have bought a book,” he said slowly before pausing to glance down at Elijah. Sean’s face was completely open and honest as he admitted to some of his more neurotic tendencies entering into their sex life. “Or several,” he added, earning him a soft giggle coupled with a kiss and a murmured, “You’re adorable,” against his lips.

“Now, just relax,” Elijah assured him, drawing his knees up to shift in to a more comfortable position.

“Shouldn’t I be saying that to you?” Sean asked as he quickly discarded the lube and hurried to grab several pillows to stuff behind Elijah’s head.

“Sean.” Settling back between Elijah’s legs, Sean grabbed the tube and flipped it open. Thankfully, the lube was comfortably warm from being in Elijah’s pants pocket for several hours. Elijah watched with a private smile as Sean, diligent and caring as ever, coated his fingers with the lubricant. He stuffed the tube into his own dress pants and peered up at his partner.

The look was greeted with an encouraging smile and a brief nod. Sean placed a hand against Elijah’s warm, pale thigh and pressed a slick finger inside. He was focused and gentle, pausing after each knuckle slipped inside until he was comfortable surrounded by warm flesh. It was hotter and tighter than anything Sean could remember. In the back of his mind he heard a sharp intake of breath from Elijah. It had been a very long time since Elijah had allowed anyone to do this. Cautious as ever, he allowed Elijah to grow accustom to the sensation before gradually adding another finger. Once he felt the tense muscles slacken, Sean scissored his fingers to gingerly stretch Elijah. The younger man arched his back into the touch with his thin hips canted and flushed cock leaking. A low moan poured from his swollen lips.

“Is this alright? Are you okay?” Sean paused, eyes flicking up to look into the other man’s face hoping to catch a glimpse of approval or direction. Elijah could not respond verbally but he hoped the trembling nod, lip biting, and deep ragged breathing would be sufficient evidence that yes indeed the way Sean was stroking his fingertips against his prostate was brilliant bliss, fucking magnificent. Elijah’s blunt and bitten fingernails skidded over hot skin, flitting over the expanse of Sean’s back, rounding his shoulders, snaking down his arms. Everything was so overwhelming.

“S-s-sean. St-stop,” he chocked out, wrapping his hands around the bend of Sean’s elbows. His pale chest was flushed bright red, spreading slowly downwards to rival the deep flush of his hard cock. Carefully, he pulled away, breathing ragged and choppy. For a moment, everything was still—the only sound filling the small space between them was Elijah’s breathing slowly evening out.

“Elij-?” He cut him off with a hard kiss, throwing an arm haphazardly around Sean and pulling him down onto his supine body. The heat of Sean’s flushed cock, still confined within the expensive fabric of his tuxedo slacks, bumped against Elijah’s own painfully aroused erection. They both moaned into the hot, open-mouthed kiss. With his free arm flung out, Elijah yanked open the nightstand’s drawer and began to blindly rifle through its contents. His fingers flitted over several pens, pencils and slips of paper before running over the sharp corner of a cardboard box. He pressed an open hand against Sean’s cheek as his tongue slipped inside the other man’s mouth.

The foil package was cold against his hot skin.

“You sure?” Sean asked in a whisper, pulling back to grasp the condom package. “Won’t you-”

“Sean.” He could not find the words or control to explain it to Sean. At that moment his only desire was to watch each and every fleeting expression that would color his writer’s face when they finally connected. He wanted to see the shades of hazel and green slowly ignite and burn deep, watch as the deep crease between Sean’s brow appeared in his concentration before smoothing out with release. Elijah wanted to emblazon each detail into his mind’s eye forever. His hands found the clasp of the tuxedo pants and began undoing them, sliding the expensive material down narrow hips and thighs. The only word that his lips, teeth and tongue were able to wrap themselves around was, “Sean.”

There was no control left in Elijah’s lithe body as Sean hooks the younger man’s knees into the bend of his elbows.

“Oh god,” he moaned, body taut like a bow as he pressed into the cradle of Sean’s hips. Unblinking, the writer sunk into the impossibly tight heat. A wholly foreign feeling of completion began to blossom in the pit of Elijah’s stomach—something he’s come close to but always ended up falling just short. Now he could feel it spreading throughout his body, like each and ever nerve ending was alight with electricity. Slowly, Sean buried himself within the younger man’s body until he felt like he was fully engulfed by white-hot liquid gold. Tremulous quicksilver was running through his thrumming veins, buzzing in his ears until all he could hear was the roaring sound of blood pumping through Elijah’s heart. It was catching up to his. “Sean,” Elijah whispered, bright eyes wide and pale hands framing Sean’s face. His breath began hitching in his throat when Sean pushed in further before pulling out and slowly sinking back in.

The writer was at a loss for words.

Sean’s hips started snapping as his pace quickened, Elijah’s fingers twisted in his hair as he watched every emotion he’d ever known flit across his lover’s face.

Completely speechless.


“Next up on Entertainment Tonight!” The loud trademark fanfare that signified a new top entertainment story was ‘coming up’ after the commercials broke the contented silence of the apartment. Elijah shifted excitedly on his couch, clutching the remote control in one hand and an old throw pillow in the other. Usually Elijah avoided Hollywood press coverage, especially when his projects were premiering, but there was something different about this film. It was too close to ignore, something inside him wanted to drown in every word, every mention of Sean and his brilliance. For the first time he felt connected to the entirety of the project, it was an extension of himself and he would listen to each and every criticism and praise. He anxiously hugged the soft pillow to his chest and propped his feet up on the coffee table, settling in to watch the ridiculousness that was about to ensue and begin the patient wait for any mention of Sean’s film.

A young woman with long brunette extensions and a flashy sequin top stood in the middle of the brightly lit studio. Her face was taught with a plastic wide smile and brilliant white teeth. The corners of her dark eyes crinkled as she attempted to speak around the smile. It looked painful.

“The premier of the hotly anticipated film adaptation of writer and director Sean Astin’s, The Inevitable.”

That was all he needed to hear and he was nearly bouncing off the couch and creaking the rusted springs beneath the cushions.

“Sean!” Elijah called from his small living room, tossing the pillow and clambering onto the armrest closest to the doorway to his bedroom. Sean wandered in scratching the back of his neck, dressed in his boxers and one of Elijah’s white undershirts. His hair was ruffled and appeared to be sticking up in several directions it had previously not ventured to explore. A little part of Elijah’s brain quickly catalogued just how endearing Sean was when rumpled and wholly satisfied the morning after—a sight for sore eyes, make no mistake. Still not entirely awake, momentarily deprived of his daily cup of coffee, Sean stumbled over to where Elijah was practically vibrating with excitement. He stopped to stand beside the couch, close enough for Elijah to wrap his arms around Sean’s narrow hips, and looked over at the television.

“Oh no.” Sean rolled his head back as soon as the program returned from its commercial break. “No, no, no,” he said calmly as he began to try and pry the wiry arms from around his waist, holding them at the wrists between himself and Elijah. The pad of his thumb running over the thrumming pulse beneath the delicate skin of Elijah’s wrists, Sean pleaded with the young man. “Elijah, please.” Elijah was about to start pouting; Sean was not playing fair, the delicate touch and soft bedroom eyes. Apparently the near pout, the full lower lip only seconds away from trembling uncontrollably, was not as affective as it once had been.

“Come on,” Elijah said switching tactics with a small smile, slipping his hand under the hem of Sean’s cotton t-shirt to skid along the flesh of hard hipbones. The sensitive skin trembled under his teasing fingertips causing Sean shivered at the ghosting of contact. “I know you’re curious.” He pressed closer, cocking a tempting eyebrow and coupling it with a crooked grin. “Just a little bit.” Sean rolled his eyes but shifted his weight to lean against the armrest, stretching his arm along the back of the couch to balance. Pleased with his handiwork, Elijah settled his folded arms and head on Sean’s open lap. With his free hand, Sean started slowly carding his fingers through Elijah’s soft hair.

The different but equally familiar tune emitted from the television and several flashy graphics later, the same woman was back on the screen. She stood in the middle of the sound stage in her ridiculous sequin outfit and plastic face. Elijah heard Sean scoff and elbowed him gently in the stomach. She began to speak, leading into the next story; “Vanessa was on the red carpet last night to take in all the action and not to mention rub elbows with the gorgeous cast of The Inevitable.”

“That’s right, Adrianna!” An over enthusiastic voice just barely managed to contain itself from cutting off the other woman with her poorly timed lead in. The station cut away from the brunette and suddenly focused on a young blond woman with eager eyes and sharp features. Elijah was caught off guard by the traces of authenticity cracking through the airbrushed makeup; she was experiencing a moment of true delight. This proverbial mannequin of a woman was about to ‘geek out’ over the film. “What a great night for modern cinema!” As quickly as it came, the look melted into a predatory glint twisted the corners of her red lips. “Not to mention, you know just how much I love a sharply dressed man, and there were plenty last night at the opening of The Inevitable,” she continued as they faded away from her, replacing her image with several clips from the red carpet gathered the previous night. Several quick shots of their costars in suits were all sporadically cut together, culminating in a shot of himself and Sean standing along side Dominic and Billy. They returned to her standing in front of a wall of monitors with one of the extended theatrical trailers playing silently behind her. “Not only is this film smart and poignant, but critics across the globe are responding and there is already considerable buzz being generated.” Once again, Elijah could see her genuine excitement as she clasped her hand together and held them to her chest. “It is being hailed as an across the board pleaser, demographically and combining so many genres it’s sure to entice every movie lover and even those who generally find more adventure within the printed page.” She began to give a tantalizingly vague run down of the plot before the station cut to the trailer that had been playing on a loop behind her.

“See,” Elijah said, pulling away with a bright smile to look up at Sean. The other man who wore a contented expression, a kind of gratification and peaceful quality that Elijah had not seen for a long time.

“Yes, okay, Lij,” he finally conceded defeat in the face of Elijah’s pure exhilaration, not to mention the words of approval from Hollywood Press vanity personified. Regardless of the praise, Elijah could tell that Sean had already had his fill of the flashy show and was planning a plausible, banal escape route. It finally came with a smile as the trailer ended and the woman came back onto the screen. “I’m gonna go brush my teeth and make some coffee, you want any?” Sean asked, shifting his weight onto the arm pressed along the back of the couch so he could lean down close to Elijah.

Well played, Astin.’

“Of course,” he replied tipping his head back to press his lips against Sean’s before the other man pulled away. One of Sean’s hands warmed the back of his neck, moving to gently run through the dark strands of hair. Elijah leaned into the temporary touch and watched as the sharp blades of Sean’s shoulder shifted slowly beneath the white cotton shirt as the man shuffled back into the bedroom to find a spare toothbrush to claim. The young man flopped back onto the couch, stretching out along its length and quickly grabbing the pillow back up. He wrapped it in his arms in an attempt to replace the loss of warmth and form.

“However.” A teasing grin curled up the corners of the blond woman’s mouth until her lips were pulled tight against her gleaming teeth. The earnest expression had drained completely from her face. Elijah’s blunt fingernails dug into the soft fabric of the pillow as a feeling of dread settled in. “There was another development on the red carpet.” She tilted her face down with a slight nod, lowered lashes, and a playful smirk, giving the camera her best attempt at a ‘smoldering’ stare. “Apparently Anne and Orlando, our leading lady and main man, were not the only ones with chemistry.” A shot of Anne and Orlando posing for the press took over the screen, quickly followed by a few clips from the trailer. The images were easily overtaken by the voice as they cut to a still picture of Sean and Elijah together on the red carpet. “Recently divorced, writer/director Sean Astin and his surprisingly single costar Elijah Wood appeared to be quite inseparable last night.” In the picture the two were standing apart from one another talking to separate people as they made there way into the theater. “Not only have there been reports of these two costars get cozy on set they also share a steamy scene together in the film that could just give some insight into these photographs from the red carpet.” They cut to another still; Sean had his arm slung around Elijah’s shoulders. Another image of Sean with his hand wrapped around the back of Elijah’s neck was next. Quickly following was a shot of Sean’s hand molding to the curve of Elijah’s lower back as he escorted him down the strip of carpet. One last one of them together at the after party, heads tilted close as they talked. “Could something be brewing between these two?” She cocked an eyebrow and pressed an index finger to her chin. “Bromance? Or romance? You decide.” The bright silver nail seemed to fill the screen, pointing directly at Elijah.

“Oh god,” he murmured through the flimsy fabric of the throw pillow he had covered his face with halfway into the segment. From over the top of the cushion, he glanced toward his bedroom. Luckily, Sean was still busy in the bathroom thoroughly brushing his teeth. He quickly scooped up the remote and briefly fumbled with it before changed the channel to a different entertainment network. Cautious, he turned the volume down considerably. The screen cut from a glittering red backdrop with the channels logo emblazoned in the center to a shot of him at the premier. “Are you kidding me?” Once again he ducked behind the pillow but continued to listen, vaguely recalling the interview with the skeletal reporter from E!.

“So,” the woman, Jennifer, leaned into the frame before turning back to where Elijah, Sean and Ally were standing on the red carpet. “I hear you two have a pretty intense scene together.” Remembering that particular moment, Elijah removed the pillow and watched. He noticed the way Sean’s hand was deliberately placed against the back of his neck, could see the tendons in his wrist moving as he calmly stroked the skin. It seemed pretty obvious from that simple gesture that there was definitely something beyond simple platonic friendship going on between them. All the pent up sexual tension was plainly illuminated on their faces each time they shared a secret teasing smile. The real question, would everyone else see it the same way? “Well?” Jennifer insisted, holding the microphone out to capture the winning sound bite sure to follow.

“You’ll just have to wait and see the movie for yourself.” Elijah could not for the life of him understand what he could have possibly been thinking, being so obvious about their affair. ‘Is it still an affair?’ The thought had not yet occurred to him. Was their relationship legitimized by Sean’s newly single status? ‘Does Sean want the whole world knowing? Will the news overtake the integrity of the film?’ Before any of these questions could be logically answered, Elijah heard his own voice from the television set. “I can’t go spoiling all the fun right now, can I?” In horror, he watched as he winked into the camera, flirting shamelessly with the entire nation.

Luckily, the perfect distraction popped up just in time as somewhere in the vast mess of his apartment, Elijah heard the trill of his home phone. It was odd to hear the ring, so unfamiliar after surviving for the so long on nothing but his cellular. He started to half-heartedly search for the perpetually lost cordless receiver, pulling up the couch cushions beside him and briefly looking under the coffee table. The television continued to drone on in the background as the phone rang again and again.

“You heard him ladies and gentlemen,” she began to wrap up her segment. “You’ll have to find out for yourselves! The Inevitable, a for sure five for five.”

Elijah paused, hitting the mute button on the television and listening closely as the recorded tone sounded on the answering machine. There was a small clicking noise that was quickly replaced with another, more familiar sound. He knew almost instantly from the smarmy laugh that poured out from the speakers, filling his apartment and bouncing irreverently off the walls, exactly who was calling. If the laugh had not been a dead give away the taunting voice gently needling the couple surely was.

“You guys are going to be like the gay Brangelina.” Dominic practically squealed before pausing for what Elijah assumed to be a lame attempt at ‘dramatic effect.’ In the painfully forced ‘silence,’ he could hear the sound of Billy’s distinct snickering in the background. “Only,” his laugh almost got the better of him but he quickly swallowed it back down before continuing with a deadpan delivery. “Only with one kid,” he concluded with a full-fledged barreling laugh.

A loud thud and the crash of metal and plastic on tile came from Elijah’s bathroom just before Sean came stumbling out wide eyed and still dressed in his boxers and the cotton t-shirt.

“We are so fucked.”


AN: Wow, I'm sorry it took so long.

Date: 2010-12-26 11:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh sweetie, gosh, I'm so very very very happy that you finished this and posted it today!!!!! *hugs and twirls you* Only a week ago I was talking to someone about this and how I was still hoping you would finish it one day!!! What a perfect, perfect gift!!!!! *squishes* I read it over just now and loved it but I want to go and re-read some of the older chapters and then read this again, so I can fully appreciate it!!!!

Thank you so very very very much and I'll be back with feedback in a few days!!!!

Merry Christmas to you, Hally! &hearts

Date: 2010-12-26 05:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That was me asking you! I read this after reading her other story you rec'd. I hoped I had missed the last three chapters somewhere. I have renewed faith in WIPs now. I am so excited. I just got done rereading 26 and am off to read this wonderful new chapter! Hugs to you for rec'ing her and hugs to bluetears07 for giving us another great chapter! xoxox v

Date: 2010-12-26 06:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE WITH THIS!!! I was thrilled when I saw your comment back to me and that you had posted a new chapter! After 5 years. I am so freakin happy about this. (Happier I just read it all this week) This is brilliantly written and there is not one change in the flow of your characters. I adored every single detail of the after party and Elijah suffering through Nicole (except when she genuinly spoke of his performance). That moment when Victoria pulled Elijah through the crowd to Sean.
The way Sean slammed Elijah into the door for that passionate and desperate kiss. The way Elijah could feel the hard bones of Sean's hips showing how he had suffered while Elijah was gone. Good God the sex. It was breathtaking and so HOT! I was lost in it. You described such an intense passion and yet they were still there, humor intact, affection deep as Sean nerviously explored gay sex with Elijah. When Elijah had to stop, overcome, and got Sean ready (desperately) I was holding on to every word and blissed out.
Entertainment tonight was a hoot. You got it perfect and I could just see every detail of this annoying show being played out. The ending though was GREAT..."Bromance or Romance"...ROMANCE!! Its funny because when Sean was touching Elijah he was a bit nervous but it calmed him. He trusted Sean on the red carpet. But what he was feeling showed differently on the screen and the truth was there for everyone to see. Dominic was hysterical. I could really see the fear crawling into Elijah's mind at the end. Was this what Sean wanted or was it going to take away from the film? The ending truly held me at the edge with Sean, after their intense night together, stumbled out saying "We are so fucked." I am hoping he was talking about something else and that he hadn't heard the show. Sounded like a mirror broke or something.
I really and trully hope you keep this coming soon. I love this story. I didn't realize it was a WIP when I started this week and it is unusual for me to reach out to the author to ask if it is finished and I missed the end. You are a wonderful writer.
Hugs you!! Thank you for bringing this back. xoxoxo v

Date: 2010-12-29 01:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am so glad you posted this part. I went back and reread the entire story. This is my favorite pairing and I do hope you continue it soon. Thank you!

Date: 2011-03-18 11:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Eeeep, I'm back again, far later than I thought, for which I'm very sorry. I've been away from LJ for a few months.

Anyway, I just re-read this once more and still love it. I'm so happy you wrote more and gave them their first time. *squishes you* As I read this part today I had to grin at some of the things that are so Hally about it. I think I learned what the worded "tapered" means because of this fic and I was happy to find the "tapered fingers" in this part, too... :))) Also, it was so familiar and so happy-making to see Sean referred to as "his writer". *happy sighs*

I loved that party and ooh, poor Elijah being trapped by Nicole. I was so happy when Elijah was rescued and taken to Seanie. Billy and Dom provided some much needed comic relief and I loved when Elijah reminded Sean of his promise. :) So far, so great. And then you suddenly turned on the supernova-like heat and I had trouble not melting in front of the computer. OMG, was it hot and lovely and sweet and so raw, too. *flails* I was like Sean, completely speechless by the end. And awww for the final scene, seeing that report about the premiere on telly.

Thank you so much for this, sweetie!! *big big big grateful hugs*

Date: 2012-08-31 03:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hi! I just read your whole Preordained series. Had started it when you first began and, at some point, didn't see it again. I just found it and loved it. I was wondering if you palnned to continue it? I would love to see this relationship to it's conclusion.


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