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Ah, yes, my life's work in one place. In chronological order, by fandom.

Lord of the Rings


Mistletoe: Frodo/Sam: PG-13: A holiday themed story about Hobbits and mistletoe and nervous gardners who fancy their employer. Set before the fellowship.

Mustn't Stare: Frodo/Sam: PG: Drabble: A series of unspoken questions from Sam to Frodo while they travel with the Fellowship.

What I Give Him: Frodo/Sam: PG: Sam’s POV: After breaking away from the Fellowship, Sam and Frodo pitch camp for the night. Hurt/Comfort.

Under Midnight’s Guise: Frodo/Sam: PG: I really loved [ profile] carolina30363

Sam/Frodo ficlet so I wrote this in relation to Frodo's first stanza, mainly the last two lines.

The Elven Queen: Frodo/Sam: PG: WIP: Fairytale AU: Reworking of The Snow Queen fairytale belonging to Hans Christian Andersen.

Real People:

Dirty Little Habitses: Sean A./Elijah: PG-13: Smoking is bad for Elijah’s health, but deadly for Sean’s. The boys hanging out on a rare break from filming.

Know what it’s Like to be Alone: Sean A./Elijah: PG-13: Sean’s POV: 'Loosely' written to Something Corporate’s Konstantine. While Sean is in town he goes to visit Elijah at his apartment the night before they go to Lincoln Center.

Snow Day: Sean A./Elijah: PG: Snow. Elijah. Sean.

Scrubs: Sean A./Elijah: NC-17: AU: Doctor/Nurse relations. In a closet. With guaze and vaseline.

Living In Sin: Sean A./Elijah: NC-17: AU: "Nearly everyone’s taken his body, but I hear only one man has his sou..." Set in the turn of the century (the last century) in an upscale bordello where Elijah headlines as their ‘main attraction.’ Sean is the right hand man to the ringleader of an Irish gang that does a lot of business with many of the people who frequent the establishment in which Elijah works. Elijah in a corset. Stand Alone, but potential for a longer story (Prologue).

Burn: Sean A./Elijah: NC-17: The boys (well, Sean) have far too much fun with hot wax and sexy time.

Bay Window: Sean A./Elijah: PG-13/R: AU: There’s a lot you can see when you are looking through one window into another. New York City, December, 2004. Both Sean and Elijah live in twin apartments across the street from one another—neither knows the other, save for what they’ve seen through their windows. Holiday fic with a foul-mouthed Elijah.

Fidget: Sean A./Elijah: PG-13: Root of one of Elijah’s vices, namely his clove cigarettes--sexual frustration caused by one Sean Astin.

Eyeliner: Dom/Billy: PG: Drabble: Why Dom wears eyeliner.

Beautifully Imperfect: Dom/Billy: PG: Double Drabble: Billy's POV: Billy reflects on Dom's unique beauty.

Fusion: Dom/Billy: PG: Dom shows Billy a piece of his artwork inspired by the fellow actor.


Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine: Part One, Chapter Nine: Part Two, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, Chapter Twelve, Chapter Thirteen, Chapter Fourteen, Chapter Fifteen, Chapter Sixteen, Chapter Seventeen, Chapter Eighteen, Chapter Nineteen, Chapter Twenty, Chapter Twenty-One, Chapter Twenty-Two, Chapter Twenty-Three, Chapter Twenty-Four, Chapter Twenty-Five, Chapter Twenty-Six: Part One, Chapter Twenty-Six: Part Two, Chapter Twenty-Seven: Sean A./Elijah: Overall NC-17/R: WIP: AU: Some things are just meant to happen while others are simply ripples off of one small mistake that change us forever. Established Dom/Elijah for early chapters, later features Dom/Billy, but the main focus is Sean/Elijah.

AU Description: Never Filmed LotR. Sean is a novelist and aspiring screenwriter/director struggling to be noticed after stepping away from acting lime light when he got married (only child: Ally). Elijah is a young actor who just wrapped filming Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Harry Potter:

Morning Games: Sirius/Remus: PG: (OotP): The morning of Harry’s Ministry hearing. Remus is making some breakfast when Sirius comes to 'help' him.

Controlling Feral Instincts: Sirius/Remus: PG-13: (OotP): Remus Lupin: the definition of self-control. Sirius Black: Sweet as cherry candy and soft as red velvet.

Detention: Sirius/Remus: PG-13: (MWPP era): When the teacher you despise the most gives your boyfriend, scratch that ex-boyfriend, detention on the exact night you, the perfect prefect, have detention duty what do you do?

No Know Beans: Sirisu/Remus: PG-13: Remus on Sirius's 'reputation' as a lady killer. It is not all it seems to be.

Familiarity: Sirisu/Remus: PG-13: (Between GoF and OotP): Sirius’ first night back at number twelve, Grimmauld Place before the rest of the Order officially settles in. Remus is the first to arrive.

Olympic RPS:

Determination: Dax Holdren/Stein Metzger: PG-13: Dax's POV: US Men’s Beach Volleyball: Determination just doesn’t go as far as it used to. Locker room comfort time after being knocked out by the Swiss team.

Alexander the Great:

Deliquesce: Alexander/Hephaistion: PG: "...they rode into town and went to the theater...when the news of Patroklos’ death had reached Achilles...Alexander was sitting trance-bound, tears streaming from his wide-open eyes...Hephaistion was holding his hand.” – Fire From Heaven, Mary Renault. Young Alexander and Hephaistion watch Aeschylus' Myrmidons.

Spar: Alexander/Hephaistion: PG-13: A little sport between Alexander and Hephaistion--bloody and dirty and full of sexual tension.

The Sadness of Eros:Alexander/Hephaistion: PG-13: "[Alexander]...said.'Without you I should go mad.'...[Hephaistion] offered instead the sadness of Eros, for this at least brought sleep." - Fire from Heaven, page 336.

Blade/Blade II

Restoration: Part One and Part Two: Deacon Frost/Josh "Scud" Frohmeyer: NC-17/R: Slight AU: Frost goes to reclaim what is rightfully his: Scud. Blood!kink and human/vampire sexy time.

Krispy Kremes: Deacon Frost/Josh "Scud" Frohmeyer: PG-13/R: Scud’s affinity for Krispy Kreme doughnuts and weed get him in trouble with Deacon. Set in same universe as Restoration.

Batman Begins

Downward Spiral: Part One and Part Two: Jonathan Crane/Bruce Wayne (Scarecrow/Batman): NC-17/R: Dr. Crane’s descent into madness, ever pursued by Gotham’s personification of fear both in and out of his Kevlar suit. Set during the movie, filling in gaps of time.


Waste Not: Mark/Roger: PG-13: Roger and Mark in an established relationship. Roger can feel his time slipping away and it's driving him to the creative brink.

Detox: Mark/Roger: (Pre-Slash): PG-13: Mark goes to visit Roger at a rehab clinic.

Days of Inspiration: Mark/Roger: PG-13: Roger discovers a new muse amongst the mundane. Cliché, but something special at the end. (Bonus 'Fan Art' of Roger's song notes done by me.)


Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine: Mark’s Camera/Roger’s Guitar, Mark’s Camera/Mark’s Scarf, and Mark/Roger: PG-13/R: WIP: Crack: Mark's Camera's POV: When Roger and Mark get a little preoccupied with each other their ‘accessories’ also get better acquainted. Think Brave Little Toaster. On Crack. Yes, I am crazy. Yes, this is inanimate object loving. No, I regret nothing.

Many other inanimate object pairings throughout the whole story.

A Little Business

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six: Mark/Roger: R: WIP: AU: Maybe if Mark had followed his parents wishes and studied business, things would have been so much easier. Well, maybe. Inspired by the Speed_rent Challenge: a character has the chance to go back in time and change one thing. How present change as a result? Yuppie!Mark falls in love with Damaged!Roger.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Midnight Radio: Hedwig Robinson/Tommy 'Gnosis' Speck: PG-13: After Tommy leaves the first time.

Inglorious Basterds:

Trouble: Archie Hicox/Hugo Stiglitz: NC-17: How a Basterd and a Brit escape a life threatening standoff with a Nazi in a fucking basement and managing to only sustain minor injuries. And then have sex. Knives and blood and sewing up bullet wounds while drinking whiskey.

Football RPS:

Public Displays of Affection: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski: PG: Lukas is very affectionate, especially toward Miro.

Music Mix: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski: PG-13: Drabbles: Five short scenes inspired by different songs--music player on shuffle + writing.

Life After (S)Pain: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski: PG-13: After WC 2010 semi-final against Spain the boys feel a bit run down. Includes jealous!Lukas and a back massage.

Heartbreak in Warsaw: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski: PG-13: Euro 2012: After semi-final against Italy, Lukas and Miroslav need a little comfort. They end up having a heart to heart at the mermaid fountain in Warsaw's Old Town.

Polish Secrets

Polish Family Recipes: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski, Bastian Schweinsteiger/Philipp Lahm: PG-13/R: German locker room after the match against Azerbaijan. Miro just wants to get laid, Lukas likes to tease, Bastian can't stand secret conversations in Polish and Philipp takes charge.

Polish Advice: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski, Bastian Schweinsteiger/Philipp Lahm: R: Sequel: Miro still wants to just get laid, Lukas still likes to tease, Bastian is totally helpless while Philipp will always take charge.

Five Times Miroslav and Lukas Never Met

Part One: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski Friendship: G: World Cup 1990: A twelve-year-old Miroslav just wants to watch the world cup final in peace. Enter seven-year-old Lukas.

Part Two: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski: NC-17: Euro Cup 2008: Lukas Podolski, star Polish striker, squares off against Miroslav Klose, veteran German striker, in the first group match of the Euro Cup 2008.

Part Three: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski: NC-17: The Bad Season: Lukas Podolski's football career was ended when he was only 19, resulting in a dramatic change. (aka: shameless Lukas!Hooker fic.)

Part Four: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski: NC-17/R: Lost Religion: Miroslav was raised to be a good Catholic boy. At twenty-five he is the youngest priest to be sent to Cologne with hopes of bringing young men like Lukas Podolski back to the Church. (aka: Catholic Priest!Miro fic.)

Part Five: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski: NC-17/R: Friends in Unlikely Places: Lukas works for his mother's child day-care. When she wants a new rocking chair he meets a quiet carpenter named Miroslav. (aka: Normal!People AU)

Sherlock (BBC):

Path of Most Resistance: Part One, Part Two, Epilogue: Sherlock/John: PG-13: AU: The Adjustment Bureau: According to The Plan, John is meant to be with Sarah. As John's caseworker, it is Sherlock's job to ensure this happens. But John is full of surprises. Human!John falls for Caseworker!Sherlock. Chairman!Mycroft laughs. Knowledge of the film is unnecessary for reading--everything is explained.

Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six: Sherlock/John: R: WIP: AU: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Sherlock encounters a young boy with no name, an appetite and a bit of a temper. But young boys grow up fast these days. Can Sherlock help John before it's too late and his dark side takes over for good?

The Avengers (Movieverse):

Doublethink: Agent Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers (Captain America): NC-17: A quiet night at home with Phil and Steve gets a little heated when Phil won't stop working. But not even Tony can spoil the mood.

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy: Agent Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers (Captain American): NC-17: Stripper!AU: A skinny boy from Brooklyn needs to improve his figure drawing skills, what better place than a strip club?

Boys of Summer

Boys of Summer: Agent Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers (Captain America): PG: After saving the world, Phil takes Steve to a baseball game, gets a little drunk and ends up promising to teach Steve how to dance.

American Waltz: Agent Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers (Captain America): PG: Sequel: Phil follows through on his promise and teaches Steve how to waltz--just don't expect them to be the new Fred and Ginger.


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