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So I've been going through old posts in order to create a Master Fic List and I found this meme and thought I should do it again. You know, for fun. Also, it is terrifying how diverse my fandoms are...

If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or what have you, post one sentence from each of your current works in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favourite or most intriguing sentence so far. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else.

Football Real Person Slash

The Bad Season: Part Two

Lukas did the best he could and it has been a month and seven clients, including two of his regulars, since he scrubbed Miroslav Klose’s number off his forearm.

Life After Spain

Lukas traces the lines of Miroslav’s icy wet hand.

One Too Many

“Why are you jealous?” Miroslav suddenly asks, turning to look at Lukas.

Mile High

Lukas runs his fingers over the three stars sewn so precisely into the dark fabric of Miroslav’s jacket.

Sherlock: BBC

Project Runway Episode #5

“I despise active wear.” Sherlock sulks, shrugging off his dressing gown and holding up the bright red t-shirt that had accompanied the new pair of trainers.

Harry Potter

Dirty Blond (Hetero, say what?)

If the child’s looks and disposition did not give away his parentage then the knowledge that Hermione and Draco began their affair nine years prior solidified the biological plausibility that Hugo was his son.

In Wolf’s Clothing: Or, The Boy WhoDidn’t Like the Taste of Death

“I’ll testify for you here and now. This bloke was so eager to join up that he found us and offered his own brother, one of your Phoenix members, to be slaughtered for housing Mudbloods,” Sirius told Remus with a sneer.

Inglorious Basterds

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie:

“I’m just offering, Stiglitz. Ich kann helfen.”

The Strong, Silent, Psychotic Type:

“I know your type,” his breath is hot against Stiglitz ear as he whispers in German, his delicate accent twisting the words.

An Education:

It’s the middle of the night and all Archie can focus on is the constant sound of Hugo’s blade scraping along the length of his pliant leather strop.


Blue Movie:

“Think of yourself as Warhol filming Fuck—totally avant-garde porn,” Roger said with a grin.

A Little Business: Chapter Seven

“Pretty ballsy, risking a career and a nice 401-k for your art. If I didn’t know any better, Mr. Mark Cohen, I’d begin to think you were trying to seduce me.”

An Influx:

“Oh, Roger, honey, you should take Mark up to see your old bedroom while I put the clean sheets on the guest bed.”

LotR: RPS:

Living In Sin: Chapter One

A warm smile pulled at the corners of Sean’s lips as he recognized the strong scent as a certain soap, one he had caught a whiff of coming off Elijah’s lithe body.

Preordained: Chapter Twenty-Eight:

Eventually Elijah was forced to unplug his home phone, switch off his mobile and bar Sean from going anywhere near his laptop.


Five (Other) Ways the World Burned:

1. “I’m here to pick up a suit. Dreiberg,” the may says and Walter shoved his copy of The New Frontiersmen off his lap, cringing as it fluttered loudly to the ground behind the counter.

2. “The redhead must be a fan of Ali,” a burly looking gentleman seated next to Dan commented as he gestured toward the boxer.

3. There He stood looking down upon them, two soldiers from New York City, soaked in old Charlie’s blood, clutching each other with their shirts open and pants unzipped.

4. “You protecting this city, Officer Dreiberg?” Walter asked as the young policeman pushed him down into the backseat of the squad car before slamming the door.

5. “What do you like in a whore?” The man asks with an odd twist of his thin lips, a sort of parody of a beguiling smile.

Terminator: Salvation


But when the apartment door opens and a couple girls spill out Marcus quickly grabs Kyle’s hand and yanks it away, holding it between them, out of sight as he nods with a smile toward the girls who start giggling as they stumble down the stairs.
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