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Title: Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes (3/6)
Paring: John/Sherlock
Summary: Sherlock encounters a young boy with no name, an appetite and a bit of a temper. Now, he finally meets the man his young friend has become. But how does this man know John Watson?
Rating: PG-13
Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes: Part Three )
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Title: Boys of Summer: American Waltz
Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Agent Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers (Captain America)
Summary: Phil follows through and teaches Steve how to waltz.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Fanfiction.

American Waltz )
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Title: Five Times Miroslav and Lukas Never Met
Pairing: Miroslav Klose/Lukas Podolski
Summary: Part Five: Friends in Unlikely Places: Lukas works for his mother's child day-care. When she wants a new rocking chair he meets a quiet carpenter named Miroslav. (aka: Normal!People AU)
Rating: Part Five: NC-17/R
Part Five: Friends in Unlikely Places )
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Disclaimer: Ever so sorry boys…never happened.
Series: Preordained
Paring: Sean A./Elijah
Summary: AU: Some things are just meant to happen while others are simply ripples off of one small mistake that change us forever. (Read AU Description, and also AN; behind cut)
AU Description: Same as before. (Refer to the “Prologue’s” AN for information mentioned previously.)
Rating: R (over-all) Chapter Twenty-Seven: NC-17
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Salvation in the Desert )
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Finally on holiday so I thought this would be fun! :D

Something Special:

PRESSIES: Reply to this post with a pair/couple (slash or het, in a fandom that I know) and a one or two word prompt. I shall write you a drabble based on the given info.

They should all be done by the 25th.

PS: LotR marathon at the theater Sunday = still amazing!


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