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Disclaimer: Ever so sorry boys…never happened.
Series: Preordained
Paring: Sean A./Elijah
Summary: AU: Some things are just meant to happen while others are simply ripples off of one small mistake that change us forever. (Read AU Description, and also AN; behind cut)
AU Description: Same as before. (Refer to the “Prologue’s” AN for information mentioned previously.)
Rating: R (over-all) Chapter Twenty-Seven: NC-17
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Salvation in the Desert )
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Ok kittens (those who may or may not remember back in the day when I was alive--that magical time before college and Oxford), I wanna do something special for you guys:

PRESSIE: Reply to this post with a pair/couple (slash or het, in a fandom that I know) and a one or two word prompt. I shall write you a drabble based on the given info. :D

They will all be done by the 25th, I promise.

PS: LotR marathon at the theater yesterday = epic and awesome.
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Title: Living In Sin
Disclaimer: Ever so sorry boys…the stuff in here never happened.
Paring: Sean A./Elijah
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU: “Nearly everyone’s taken his body, but I hear only one man has his soul…”
Warning: (Slight) Transvestitism
AU Description: Set in the turn of the century (the last century) in an upscale bordello where Elijah headlines as their ‘main attraction.’ Sean is the right hand man to the ringleader of an Irish gang that does a lot of business with many of the people who frequent the establishment in which Elijah works.
Living In Sin )

Smut can be educational, really: In writing this I learned that the word 'fuck' has been around since the 1500's (same meaning and use) as well as learning a few Irish slang words like shift is a kiss...strange but alright..."Give Hally a shift, gals!" *wink*


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